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Summer Trading

Hi guys,

Just a quick note to say that I scale back my trading in the summer months of July and August due to lower volume and less favorable price action.

I am still around to answer your questions of course but please be patient as I might be a little slower in replying than usual.

Many thanks and have a lovely summer wherever you spend it.

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More M5 Setups (Eur/Usd)

I’ve not had as much time so far this year for making videos as I planned. Actual trade management and my free time take priority!

Having said that here’s another trade taken on a small time frame on Eur/Usd.

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EU 4 Hour Trades – September 2012

I posted EY H4 trades earlier and here are the highly correlated EU pair for the same period.

Click on the chart for full size.

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PipDaq Chart Questions

Should you have any questions about the Pipdaq setups or have a query about any of the charts I post here then please get in touch by emailing me on the form on this page.

I want people trading with Pipdaq setups to be 100% confident of what they are doing before risking real capital. Having said that, I believe even novice traders will understand how to identify the setups very quickly as they are easy to spot. Experienced traders will pick it up in no time.

[The charts on this page are meant for reference and are a guide for existing Pipdaq traders to qualify trades with.]


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