PipDaq Trading Method FAQ

1. Can I use the PipDaq set-ups if I have never traded before?

In a word – Yes! Everything has been explained with the novice in mind. In the pdf guide you will find full explanations of entry points and exits so no guess work is required. Each step to finding a trade is very straight forward.

2. What do I need to get started?

You will need a broker to place trades with and of course access to trading charts for your instrument of choice. This can be MetaTrader for Forex trading, NinjaTrader for futures or MultiCharts for Stocks. PipDaq can be used on any time frame on any market so any basic naked charting software will suffice. If you are new to trading we suggest you also open a demo account prior to trading with real money in order to gain full confidence of the setups first.

3. What is included in the price of Pipdaq?

Actually there is not much! Don’t expect ten months worth of DVD’s to watch, countless hours of technical analysis training or one-to-one tuition. Similarly don’t expect pointless indicators, Expert Advisors (EA’s) or custom built software. Pipdaq is simply knowledge in how to gain consistent profitability from high probability setups. If any of that sounds disappointing to you then think of of this way:

“To be a successful trader you need to do what needs to be done to gain an edge over the market. No matter what that edge entails; are you prepared to do what needs to be done to succeed? To learn what you need to learn and more importantly – to drop any pre-conceived ideas about what you already know and what you think you need to learn?”

That is my way of saying that Pipdaq entries are all you need to trade. Drop the crap and get serious.

4. How much money will I make?

We provide profitable trading setups, however your total returns are dependent on a number of factors such as your risk tolerance, time frames used, starting capital, lot sizes/contracts traded and your ability to follow rules consistently.

5. Are PipDaq entries difficult to find?

No they are very easy and very apparent on any chart you may be looking at. Entry and exit rules are laid out in easy-to-understand English in the guide and include many chart examples. Being able to determine trades within seconds does not take long.

6. Are there any further costs involved to me after I purchase?

No. Once you have made the purchase you will not incur any further costs as far as the setups are concerned. Of course you will need to outlay your trading capital which can be as little as $200.

7. Does this involve indicators and/or an EA? Is it automated?

PipDaq is a simple and very effective trading setup designed to show you high-probability entry points. There are no bells and whistles, no indicators (other than a couple of moving averages) and no EA (expert advisor). It is not automated strategy. PipDaq is pure price action trading with an almost fully naked chart. It is all you need to make money. If you want to complicate your trading with pointless indicators and EA’s then please look elsewhere, this is not for you.

You are required to open and close your trades manually in real time or by using limit orders.

8. What if I get stuck?

You really should not require much assistance as finding trades is very straight forward.

9. What time frames does PipDaq use?

Any time frame can be used from the 1 Minute to 1 month and anything in between. Price action trades such as these are found in behavior patterns over all time frames and setups are therefore evident everywhere.

Personally though we prefer to use the H4 and daily charts. You will find the higher the time frame, generally the higher the strike rate.

10. What sessions can I trade?

Again you can use all sessions and you can therefore trade at any time in any location. The Asian session tends to be slow however due to lower liquidity and we recommend the London and New York open as the best for price action.

11. Will I need to pay for a data feed?

It depends on what charting software you use. NinjaTrader and Tradestation for example usually require a paid for feed. Most MT4 brokers however provide the feed for free. Please get in touch with your broker/charting software support for further details if you are unsure.

12. Do you trade the news?

Yes. We do not pay much attention to news items. If you prefer to trade on smaller time frames such as the M1 to H1, then you may want to avoid trading 10 minutes before and after red news items.

13. What stop size do you use?

This varies with each trade on different time frames. There is no fixed stop size level. A full explanation on how to calculate your stop is given in the guide.

14. What markets can this be traded on?

You can use any currency pairs, futures, stocks, commodities, options or any other market that you can find a chart for!

15. Anything else I should know?

Just keep in mind that trading is a totally unpredictable method of investing.

While PipDaq setups are proven to profit over time, you will have losing streaks. Please do not think that this is some magical system that never loses, it is not. The setups require that you pull the trigger without hesitation and the strategy is only part of the picture – it is your responsibility to trade the method as laid out.

16. I have another question not answered here…

Get in touch using the contact form and we will respond as soon as we can!

17. How do I get started?

Click the ‘Add To Cart’ image below, follow the few steps and enjoy!