Read on to see how you can be a trading success with the PipDaq setups in an instant…

Use three proven and powerful, price action methods that traders have used consistently since the 1970’s to achieve the real results you have always dreamed of…

Have you been wasting your time with countless indicators, moving from system to system, or trying to learn as much technical analysis as you could muster, only to be let down with poor results? Eventually you’ll come to realize that the only information you really need is what the price is doing right now – in this moment not so much what it did in the past. Historical data only has certain value, instead you need to concentrate on what the market is telling you in any moment. That is exactly what the PipDaq setups achieve trade after trade and contrary to popular belief, it is all you need to be a profitable trader.

Stop complicating your trading with unnecessary indicators that are designed to keep you one step behind while throwing your money to the big dogs…

The truth is trading does not need to be complicated and you may be surprised when you see PipDaq setups at how simple but powerful they are. Maybe deep down you have already thought that using countless indicators or “professional” signals are not a shortcut to success. Neither is learning everything possible about technical analysis.

In fact don’t you find that the more you learn, the more conflicting information there is? It gets to the stage where you can make an argument for buying and selling at the same time! Of course you end up doing nothing and watch the potential go to waste.

Trading price and momentum is all you need to thrive in the financial markets…

What PipDaq offers is nothing revolutionary, however it is a sure-fire positive step to a healthy trading bank. There are no bells and whistles, no fancy looking indicators with flashing lights, alerts and unwarranted extras, there is no EA. What there is however, is all the information you need to profitably trade price in any market like a pro. In fact the basis of the PipDaq methods derive from passed-down and proven setups from the old Chicago Mercantile Exchange (now part of CBOT) traders of the 1970’s to 90’s. Here is what you will learn:

  • How to quickly identify high-probability trend continuation entry points;
  • How to identify trends coming to an end and reverse. Sell at the top, buy at the bottom;
  • How to get rid of all distracting information from your chart and learn to trade what you see with a naked chart;
  • How to find simple but proven price patterns that show themselves on any time frame in any market and how to take advantage of them;
  • Learn how to stop losing and start winning! The setups are fractal so can be used in any time frame, tick chart etc for Forex, spot markets, futures, stocks, options, commodities and any other market you can think of;
  • Also if you are brand new to trading you get our Forex “starter” guide and an introduction to Futures trading courtesy of the CME Group.

You will be trading in much the same fashion as floor traders of yesteryear, with some basic technical analysis and chart patterns at the forefront of your trading, all explained and easily understood even for those of you who may never have even placed a trade before.

You now just simply need to put these setups into action in your market of choice. The time has come to stop feeling frustrated by a market that feels like it’s your personal enemy and to turn that same market into your friend with strong results and continued satisfaction. There is nothing more satisfying and liberating than taking your own money from the market using easy to follow methods.

All you need is a chart and a trading account, we will show you the rest (you don’t even need any trading experience, the setups are self-explanatory). Start trading the PipDaq setups today by clicking the image below.


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